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Here’s the tutorial! Enjoy!

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  1. Posted July 31, 2007 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    SNEAKY… JENN! 🙂 Love the new stuff!

  2. Posted July 31, 2007 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

    OOOOH PERRRTY, mija!!!!

  3. Posted July 31, 2007 at 11:19 pm | Permalink

    Goodness…I HAVE to order this set! Between you and Beate…you’re making this irresistible! 😉 Love the colors and sparkle!

  4. Posted August 1, 2007 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    This is just WOW! Love the colors and EVERYTHING!

  5. Posted August 1, 2007 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    SOOOO cute! looking forward to it!

  6. Posted August 1, 2007 at 8:29 am | Permalink

    HOly Balcers, Batgirl! Adorable!!

  7. Posted August 1, 2007 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    This is just adorable! I’ll have to try it out when the kids nap today.

  8. twinks
    Posted August 2, 2007 at 1:54 am | Permalink

    BEAUTIFUL! You’ve sold me on so many new sets but more so, the new in colors!! TFS!

  9. Posted August 2, 2007 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

    Oh Jenn, you are the queen of sparkle! If I ever need anything glittery I know I can always come here and be completey content! Great card!

  10. sandy
    Posted August 4, 2007 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

    you are selling me on the guave…didn’t like it at first but love this combo 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

  11. Posted August 5, 2007 at 3:44 am | Permalink


    Heavenly days! This is fabulous …. FABULOUS, dahhhhling!!

  12. Posted August 5, 2007 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    Love this box! I plan on doing one at my stamp camp in a Halloween theme and filling it with candy! Thanks for the great idea and write an easy to follow tutorial!

  13. Juanita
    Posted August 9, 2007 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

    BEAUTIFUL box!! If I had it I would keep it forever and leave it in my will to someone that would truly appreciate it and understand how precious it is,
    LOL & TFS.

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