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Check him out!

He did such a great job tonight (as did ALL the kids on the Demo Team!) at the San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA) game. Way to go, kiddo! We’re so proud of you. Remember that man said when he introduced himself to you? A Black Belt is a White Belt who never stopped trying. Keep […]

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Cousins, Friends

They’re only a couple of months apart in age, a year apart in school, and geographically, about three blocks apart. They had a sleepover this past weekend, and giggled all night. They woke up laughing, too! These two have been inseparable at family gatherings since forever! These pictures were taken at a party celebrating my […]

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Welcome, Baby Trey!

For the past couple of weeks, everyone in the office has been waiting to hear that our coworker’s first grandbaby finally made his appearance. It’s so exciting to welcome a new baby! I just love the way they cuddle on you and smell so sweet after a bath! With that in mind, I filled this […]

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