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What I did this weekend

Appreciated the beautiful blue Southeast Texas skies, 90-something degree heat, the smell of fresh country air, the wind in my hair as I rode in the back of the pickup truck and snapped this shot of my daughter and my second cousins doing just what their moms and I used to do when we were […]

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When you need a girlie gift in a hurry

and have a houseful of kids and no desire to take them all to the maul mall to choose a birthday present for a little girl whose party is in a few hours and you’ve had all kinds of other things to do during the week and didn’t get a chance to buy said gift […]

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That’s what I had with this week’s sketch! My husband said, “That’s nice,” and you all know what that means. Start over! Maybe later this evening, when he takes the kids to the driving range. Who am I kidding? This sucker’s not getting redone. It will go into my mom’s “okay to take” basket! I […]

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