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Six Degrees

Have y’all checked out  You all have heard about the Six Degrees of Separation/Kevin Bacon thing, right? Any one person is connected to any other person through six or fewer relationships, because it’s a small world.  (My husband jokes that anywhere I go, I end up seeing someone I know. He’s right!  Went to Dallas […]

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Rainbows & Flowers

Here are a couple of the promised rainbow shots.  It was really grey out! From my front porch:  More storms are headed our way this evening, too. We need it to avoid water restrictions, and to keep our flowering stuff, like this showy Indian Hawthorne (Majestic Beauty) looking pretty! Have a beautiful day! Tonight? Shopping with […]

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aah. aaah. aaaaaaah. CHOOOOO!

Pass the tissue, please! Our house was invaded by some nasty junk last week.  It all started on Monday, when I went to pick up the kids. The after school caregivers were concerned that Chan was feeling out of sorts, and just wanted to sit out.  We took him home, had him rest, and sometime around […]

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