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That what three day weekends are! I cannot wait, but more on why later. Here’s my take on Beate’s sketch challenge for this weekend. I had this set and these colors out on my desk from a project I did for my mom the other night, so rather than think of another combination and actually […]

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This sketch was a challenge! With all the back-to-school prep going on around here, it’s been hard to find time to do something, anything creative, much less something where I have something to follow! Here’s my kinda-sorta sketch challenge card. When I get home from work this afternoon, I am going to clean up the […]

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A whale of a tale

Y’all wanted to hear more about the whale watching tour Beate and I went on last spring (it was going to be a three hour tour!) and our rescue by the one armed man, so settle in for some pictures and a little story. Here it is! Our final port of call on the SU! […]

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