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Birdies of Happiness

Warning. . . this is a rambly, rambly bit of blahblah! This is my version of Beate’s sketch for this week. Make sure to check on Beate, Cami, Charmaine, Laurie, Lori, Mary Jo, and Sharon, too. I had fun with this one, and can’t wait to see what they’ve created! I fell in love with […]

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Ever have one of those nights?

where you take everything a whole bunch of things you might want to use out and only have thismuch space to work and then end up making something really simple and not what you started out doing at all?  That’s me tonight! See y’all tomorrow morning for Beate’s sketch!

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I did it!

Quick “scrappy” card inspired by the artwork that Beate selected for today’s inspiration piece. I’d told her earlier that I was just wiped and didn’t feel like doing anything creative. Long day at work, then came home to a kennel full of poop (ugh!), and kids wanted to go on a bike ride and to […]

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