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Sure, it’s early. . .

Everywhere we look, there’s Halloween stuff out on the shelves. Including mine! I’ve never been big on Halloween, but since we live pretty close to all of my husband’s family (and mine drives in often) and have a “party house” in a neighborhood where the good candy is handed out, everyone gathers here for a […]

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Love. This. Sketch.

Oh my. I love this week’s sketch! Not a lot of stamping this time around (suprise, suprise!) . . . I can’t wait to check out what Beate, Charmaine, Lori, and Sharon did with this one! My color choices were totally inspired by the Twilight collection that I got sucked into last week thanks to […]

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Here ya go, Tracy!

Tracy asked how I was going to attach the tags to the cards once the ribbon was already tied. I learned this cool trick from my dear friend Valerie, and use it whenever I have generic cards that need to be spiffed up with a tag. Basically, you just create a little tag like you’d […]

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